St. John XXII & St. John Paul II
      Two Popes,Two Saints
      Pope Francis
      Archdiocese Boy Choir
      Confirmation 2013
      Fr. John Stokely Ordination
      St. Agnes School
      Founded in 1871
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        Summer Thoughts:
        Thank you Jesus for the rest that you provide for our souls.
      We are called to use our God given talents to obtain wisdom and acquire knowledge so that isn’t the challenge revealed in today’s gospel.  There are problems when we neglect to acknowledge (either intentional or unintentional) that our talents come from God.  Jesus is our role model to be humble in heart.  The good news is that Jesus will always extend his invitation to help us find rest for our souls.  Jesus doesn’t promise us that our lives will be easy.  What he does promise is that our burdens will be lighter when we go to him.
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      The worshipping community of St. Agnes Parish, rooted in the sacraments, the Gospel and our Catholic faith, serves the needs of our members and neighbors.


    •    Archdiocese of Philadelphia


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